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empty shell of a journal

Below are the 11 most recent journal entries.


  2002.05.27  00.38

you think your funy writing shit like that in MY COMMUNTIY
you wanna get banned
lisha per l'amore di vita says:
i think you do
this is war
lisha per l'amore di vita says:
lisha per l'amore di vita says:
get a life
lisha per l'amore di vita says:
ill ban u
lisha per l'amore di vita says:
i dont care
lisha per l'amore di vita says:
and ill hack ur telnet
lisha per l'amore di vita says:


  2002.05.27  00.31

Fat WreckChords


  2002.05.27  00.29

get pissed, you suck
i know your kind
i know the system
i know it's not so fine
i know the bees, i know the rains
i know that logging can kill
oh, well, let's just go on dumbo
profound, that's what i found
profound, oh to the ground
profound, that's what i found
why must we chop it to the ground

my god, it's done, but i can cope
how about those dodgers
no time to sit around and mope
clear out those trees
let's make some cash
pack up the animals
and ship them to the zoo
we'll have a blast

you know what i'd do
i think it would be so grand
we'll chop down the rain forest
and build another disneyland
who gives a hoot
about the lungs of the earth
i don't, so who cares
scew it, man, for what it's worth

i knew the bees, i knew the rains
i knew the system would chop this place
and then they would make me pay
i knew the snakes, i knew tree frogs
if i knew admission was thirty bucks
i'd of brought discover card


  2002.05.27  00.25

alls quiet on the western front...
what is everyone doing now?
sleeping in their warm, warm beds...no doubt.
HA sucked in

no wait...so am i


well screw u all i can still get 8 and 1/2 hours sleep and go to athletics tomorrow.
the rest of you who aint goin are lazy fatasses who will get eaten (out) by wheatley.
hes gonna suck u all dry.


  2002.05.24  22.45

Calvin and Hobbes 4eva


  2002.05.24  21.46

this is almost cool... wait my mistake, sorry to get ur hopes up


  2002.05.24  19.18
this is what i want:

guttermouth online


  2002.05.24  19.08

on a tuesday afternoon
my mom came into my room
and said get the fuck up outta bed
and get a god damned job
so i told her hey fuck you yom
and threw the phone at her head
but i missed and hit her in the cunt
so i slamed the door in her face
and said don't ever barge in my room
or i'll kick your ass and call the cops
and tell them i'm abused
and you'll wind up in jail
while i go snowboarding in vail
no one to post your bail
cuz daddy loves me more
he says that your a
your worthless your lazy your stupid
a little over wieght
now give me 20 bucks
no make it 5o bucks
now mom writes me letters
i write return to sender
let her rot in her cell
i watch the dogs mate on her bed
s0 sorry mommy i had to pawn
the china silver and all your jewelry
i had to eat and rent a bunch of prostitutes
like you


  2002.05.21  22.29

this communtiy is gay goto /super_group
if your beccy goto supre_group


  2002.05.19  23.18

wow, this is really happening...

...ps. your community is gay and beccy is slurried pork balls


  2002.05.19  22.01

this site is gay go to /super_group